Reliable Product and Service 

Hakobune Japan is not the only tea trading company. We develop and offer reliable products and services for making our customers smile. 

  • We value your health
  • We value your safety
  • We value your comfortable life

Our products have been carefully developed and manufactured to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Our mission

“We make the world smile!”

We produce and export high quality and high value-added tea products which are made in Japan. Our mission is “to make the world smile” with Japan quality. We carefully choose safe and reliable materials, our products are designed and produced by skilled craftsman and advanced technology manufacturer in Japan.

“Hakobune” means “ark(ship)” and “Hakobu” means “to bring” in Japanese. We bring smiles and happiness to you from Japan.

We also import unique and reliable products from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to introduce your products in Japan market.


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